i haven’t written in a while, so i thought i’d break the drought. school has been pretty overloaded the last couple of weeks and there is heaps more left for me to do but i’m having a break at the moment; laying in bed listening to music, watching the candles next to me and drinking green tea.

anyway – i wish i had coordination, so i could skate

it could be so coool just to like hop on a skateboard and skate away, i dont wanna do like tricks but just be able to ride. well i can ride but i can’t ride well, only along like flat surfaces and if i had to go down a hill i’d get scared that i would die or something

you know what else i’d like, coordination in life. like just to have a normal life without complications would be sooo great i reckon, but no it just has to be a rollercoaster but at the end of every rollercoaster is an end, with an option to start again. so maybe my rollercoaster will be over soon?

most of my big dips are over but maybe my life is one of those really long un-predictable rollercoasters that is completely random and never ends, but if it didn’t end how would you get off?! weird.

i’ve decided this blog is just a monologue of my mind, is that what it’s meant to be or am i meant to be engaging or something??? argh direction please 🙂

kisses and hugs


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  1. I would just like to say that I love everything you have posted. Your choice in pictures to accompany your posts is delightful. I hope you keep writing.

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