From Cambridge


I’m coming up only to hold you under
I’m coming up only to show you wrong
And to know you is hard and we wonder
To know you all wrong, we were

Really too late to call, so we wait for
Morning to wake you; it’s all we got
To know me as hardly golden
Is to know me all wrong, they were

At every occasion I’ll be ready for a funeral
At every occasion once more is called a funeral
Every occasion I’m ready for the funeral
At every occasion one brilliant day funeral

I’m coming up only to show you down for
I’m coming up only to show you wrong
To the outside, the dead leaves, they all blow
For’e they died had trees to hang their hope

At every occasion I’ll be ready for the funeral
At every occasion once more is called the funeral
At every occasion I’m ready for the funeral
At every occasion one brilliant day funeral

~Band of Horses – The Funeral


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i haven’t written in a while, so i thought i’d break the drought. school has been pretty overloaded the last couple of weeks and there is heaps more left for me to do but i’m having a break at the moment; laying in bed listening to music, watching the candles next to me and drinking green tea.

anyway – i wish i had coordination, so i could skate

it could be so coool just to like hop on a skateboard and skate away, i dont wanna do like tricks but just be able to ride. well i can ride but i can’t ride well, only along like flat surfaces and if i had to go down a hill i’d get scared that i would die or something

you know what else i’d like, coordination in life. like just to have a normal life without complications would be sooo great i reckon, but no it just has to be a rollercoaster but at the end of every rollercoaster is an end, with an option to start again. so maybe my rollercoaster will be over soon?

most of my big dips are over but maybe my life is one of those really long un-predictable rollercoasters that is completely random and never ends, but if it didn’t end how would you get off?! weird.

i’ve decided this blog is just a monologue of my mind, is that what it’s meant to be or am i meant to be engaging or something??? argh direction please 🙂

kisses and hugs

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pick me up and turn me round


you know those songs that you wish went forever, but in fact they only go for like three minutes. well this must be the place by the talking heads is one of those, if you don’t own it you need to download it quickly! it’s pretty old but a classic

anyway i have trust issues, i don’t know if i’ve written about this before but i do. like i should probably get a secret anonymous blog like my moleskin cause i hate handwriting (yes i know i’m fucked for the hsc)

i was reading my old facebook comments/wall to walls and whatever they wanna rename them too these days, but there was one back on christmas eve and it made me think how much i love christmas eve. like way more than christmas, i was probably sitting there watching victorias secret getting heaps excited about the presents the next day and happy with friends and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

look at me now rawrrrrrrrrrrr

wanna know what i’m listening to? stars and sons, by broken social scene. you’ve probably heard it in some bank ad in australia, or telsta. one of those giant companies trying to make themselves look good by playing good music on their ads and pretending they’re all hip and funky. BUT YOUR NOT, YOUR OLD, AND RICH SO STOP PRETENDING

i wrote a speech tonight, it was about speeches. from it i learnt that i need to start things earlier (not a day before they’re due) and that i speak 891 words every 5 minutes very very quickly! it was about 1000 but i needed to cull it down

also – formspring is fun but also lame, i’m sick of the pussies who go on anonymous and ask questions – which aren’t even questions, they’re just threats


now i’m onto swimmers by broken social scene.

oh i love itunes genius, i’m not using it right now but yesterday i geniused (???) never let you go by justin bieber (yes i’m sorry i have bieber feaver, if you followed my twitter you’d know that – but yes, itunes generated this amazing playlist compromising chris brown and rihanna and fergie and usher and lil wayne and justin timberlake and ne-yo and justin bieber (lol). it was just what i wanted to listen to and i felt like i was in 2006! woo start of highschool/mistakes

“if you always get up late you’ll never be on time. cause i like you, i never see you”

that song makes me think of molly, a) cause she got me to download it, b) because (unfortunately) i never see her 😦

now i’m listening to justin bieber ft usher – somebody to love

“for you i’d write a symphony, i’d tell the violin its time to sink or swim, watch him play for ya, for you i’d (woah) running a thousand miles, just get you where you are, step to the beat of my heart, i dont need a whole lot, but for you i need i, rather give you the world, or we can share mine, i know that i wont be the first one, givin you all this attention, but baby listen i just need somebody to love”
seriously all you haters, as if they aren’t the cutest most adorable lyrics ever!

that lasted all of 1 minute (sorry jb i just wasn’t really in the mood, only wanted to hear the lyrics)

now i’m on to just like heaven by the cure. it’s amazing, download this too!

“show me show me show me how you do that trick, the one the makes me scream she said, the one that makes me laugh she said, and she threw her arms around my neck, show me how you do it, and i promise you i promise that i’ll run away with you. ill run away with you”

well yeah this is approaching 600 words so im’ma bail now

alby out.

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Chuck Bass.


If Chuck Bass dies, I’m never watching Gossip Girl again.



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RIP Teddy.


It is that quiet contemplative moment, where I am unsure of what happened and unsure of how I feel about it.

I quickly consider what the different options are; indifference, anger, hate, sadness, depression, resentment, happiness, and I wonder where each option will take me.

I wonder what your next action will be, what I will say, whether whatever option I’ve decided to take will be an over reaction, an under reaction or just a reaction.

I make an educated guess of what the response will be and add that into my calculation.

It happens in only a few seconds.

But then I just realise my goldfish is dead and cry, because although he’s a goldfish, and many may think I am over reacting, he is my beautiful friend, and some douche drowned him in fish food.


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okay so,

school is tomorrow and these holidays have been pretty boring to be honest, it was my birthday first week and since then it’s just gone downhil. i got my l’s so ive been driving a bit but i havent really been anywhere or seen anyone cause they’ve either been away or i’ve been too lazy

ontop of that ive lost a few friends and shit’s gone bad and once again i’ve lost the tangent of blogging so stare at the image above and lol cause its so true and yeah


bye xx

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I’ve got this crazy kinda crush on you


I’ve decided, well I’m not sure it’s a decision which will last for the rest of my life, but at least temporarily, I’m going to stay single for the rest of my life.

I think I suffer from a deathly Crush Disease or something because I honestly have like 10 serious crushes. And the worst part is I don’t think I know any of the people I have a crush on… I’m just some crazy fan person who likes famous people and the characters they play in tv shows. I sometimes feel bad when I like someone I know because I have all these stupid crushesthatwon’teverhappennomatterhowbadlyiwantthemtoo and it’s almost like I’m cheating on them…

I mean what would I tell my boyfriend… “Hey, I really like you…. but if Chuck Bass or Toni Dinozzo were real, I’d dump you in a second.. or if you know… that guy on that show I really like, yeah if I met him I’d say I was single.. oh and if I met a guy who reminded me of that other guy I have a crush on… Yeah you’d be gone..”

So you see what I mean? I’m being a nice person by staying single.

When I’m older or something I’ll just have cats or adopt children or something.

Or I’ll meet one of these crushes and we’ll fall madly in love and live happily ever after.


molly xxx

p.s. I can’t see this lasting.

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